TweetSweetR for WordPress – a full-featured Twitter plugin for your blog

by Steve on March 23, 2009

UPDATE: 0.6.0 is now out. Latest version add support for substituting Twittter avatar for standard Gravatar. If a Twitter avatar isn’t found, defaults to standard WP options.

UPDATE: Ha! Well, this is embarrassing. TweetSweetR is now at version 0.5.1 already :)

A few months ago, the twitter world was all a-twitter (I know, bad pun) about a WordPress plugin called TweetSuite. I saw it, installed it on a couple of blogs and one notable blog network. It worked okay, but didn’t really have the features I/we were looking for, and it wouldn’t run on the network. Then, the plugin kind of dropped off the radar. Maybe the author didn’t have time to support it (it happens, trust me). Feature and support requests were going unanswered, and it even appears the author stopped using his own plugin! None of this is meant to detract from the plugin – it fulfilled a need of the Twitter world at the time, and served its purpose and every plugin author has a life beyond plugins.

So rather than wait for updates that might never come, I decided to take what I thought were the best concepts of the plugin, make a few feature additions here and there, modify the execution, and come up with my own.

So, here it is: TweetSweetR in all its BETA glory.

What does TweetSweetR do?

TweetSweetR provides a number of tools and features to integrate your WordPress blog with your Twitter account. As you post, it automagically grabs a shortened URL from the url-shortening service and displays a badge and ‘tweet this post’ link with the shortened URL already included. A visitor clicks the link or the badge and goes to their own twitter home where they can finish adding a tweet.

TweetSweetR periodically searches for mention of the post’s short url using Twitter’s search service, and posts a list of tweets that are talking about your post.

TweetSweetR also provides a number of sidebar widgets you can use or not use:

  • MyTweets, a list of your current twitter tweets
  • MyFavs, a list of your favorited tweets
  • TwitterTrends, a list of currently trending searches on Twitter
  • MostTweeted, a list of your most-tweeted blog posts as defined by the number of search results for each short url

TweetSweetR updates itself automatically using a scheduled-tasks feature of WordPress. It gathers your latest updates, searches for mentions of your blog posts, grabs new trends — all in the background so your page loads aren’t delayed. Searches and updates are throttled to keep you from running afoul of Twitter’s API restriction of 100 requests per hour. All results are stored in the same database that your blog runs from, and TweetSweetR looks there first for information.

TweetSweetR is still very much in beta-testing mode, and new features are still being added. When TweetSweetR reaches a stable release status, I’ll add it to the WordPress plugins respository. When that happens, you’ll be able to automatically update the plugin through your WordPress plugins page.

To download the plugin and see full installation and usage details, please visit TweetSweeR for WordPress’s permanent page.

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