Just Released – The Simple Link Cloaker Plugin

by Steve on May 24, 2009

Anyone who’s ever done any affiliate marketing knows the value of ‘cloaking’ outgoing affiliate links. First, it can deter the occasional commission thief who will strip out your affiliate code and replace it with their own, robbing you of a well-earned commission. Just as importantly, it makes your links more ‘professional’ looking when the visitor hovers over the link and looks down at the status bar. They’re more likely to click if the status bar reads http://myblog.com/i-want-you-to-go-here rather than http://gohere.com/so-i-can?make=some&money. Agreed?

So, lazy affiliate marketer that I am, I looked around for an easy way to cloak affiliate URLs. Easy being the operative word here. I wanted the system to work with WordPress, I didn’t want to upload a new PHP file every time I needed a new affiliate link cloaked, didn’t want to mess with lame <meta refresh=”99bottlesofbeer”> meta tags in new files.

I looked around for an existing WordPress plugin that would do the trick, because while I could certainly write one, I didn’t want to. Like I said, I’m a lazy affiliate marketer.

I found several – but they all did WAY more than what I needed. One that I tried even attempted to verify outgoing affiliate URLs – handy, but it added almost a minute to my posting time, and I didn’t really need the verification.

Another did everything but my dirty dishes.

Enough was enough. Broke out the PHP editor and sliced my own.

This plugin is simplicity in action. If you’re at all capable of copying/pasting or writing down a simple URL, and don’t need fancy tracking and CTR stats, this plugin’s for you. You’re not limited to a certain folder name or names, you can make the outgoing URL as long or short as you want it, make it say anything you want. Doesn’t matter.

You can download it here. If you like it, and it helps you make affiliate money easier, you can show your appreciation and buy me a beer Amp. I live on Amps. Especially the Charge lemon-flavored one, and the Tradin’ Paint 3-flavor version.

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Mike September 3, 2009 at 9:17 am

Just sent u details via email ref’ to my problems using this plugin


Steve September 3, 2009 at 9:36 am

Thanks for the email with the details. As I said in my answer, the SLC plugin doesn’t do what I think you want it to do – ‘mask’ the destination URL so the visitor thinks they’re still on your site.

There are ways to do that, but all of them violate the TOS of most if not all affiliate programs.


Tips Affiliate Marketing November 16, 2009 at 2:27 am

Your article is very good


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