Don’t Subscribe To My Post Comments If You’re a SpamArrest Customer

by Steve on September 6, 2009

On this and other blogs, I have a recurring pain in the butt issue. Some people subscribe to a comment thread, and upon every comment following, I get a challenge email from SpamArrest when the notification of a new comment email is sent.

Here’s news: I don’t click the verify link. As a matter of fact, I don’t even GET the verify link. All of those verification emails go straight to my trash can. I realize this might not be very reader-friendly, but I simply don’t have time to open up every email and click those stupid links, even if I were inclined to.

So please – if you’re a spamarrest customer and you want to subscribe to a comment thread, put on whatever kind of whitelist they have so you can get the subscription notifications. Otherwise, you won’t get any notices from this site about updated comments.

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