Graphic Design Book Blowout! Over 70% Off Retail!

by Steve on March 28, 2010

I am done completely with print design and design in general. Because it’s also spring-cleaning time for my office in preparation for a move, these books really need to find a new home. I would prefer to sell them as one package, but let me know if there’s one or two that you want.

There are almost $250 worth of books here, all in good shape. They have been read, though, so they’re not pristine.

Buy-it-now price: $75 + $10 shipping, total $85. Hit the preloaded PayPal button below or at the end of the post. Yes, you can use credit card or debit card.

Or – give me an offer. I’d like to see these go to someone who can use them and will appreciate them.

Graphic effects and typographic treatments. Jim Krause, $22.99 USD. ISBN 1-58180-046-0

Brochure, poster/flyer, web design, advertising, newsletter, page layout, stationery ideas. Jim Krause, $22.99 USD. ISBN 1-58180-146-7

An index of 150+ concepts, images and exercises to ignite your design ingenuity. Jim Krause, $24.99 USD. ISBN 1-58180-438-5

Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK & RGB Formulas, for print and web media. Jim Krause, $23.99 USD. ISBN 1-58180-236-6

A graphic designer’s guide to designing effective compositions, selecting dynamic components & devloping creative concepts. Jim Krause, $24.99 USD. ISBN 1-58180-501-2

375+ pages of design ideas, edited by the famous David E. Carter, $29.99 USD. ISBN 0-06-008763-3

Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice, Robin Williams, $14.95USD. ISBN 1-56609-159-4

The Non-Designer’s Type Book, Robin Williams, $24.99USD. ISBN 0-201-35367-9

Everything you need to know to create dynamic layouts. Graham Davis, $21.99USD. ISBN 1-58180-260-9

Design principles, decisions, projects. David Dabner, $23.99USD. ISBN 1-58180-435-0

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