Moving Your RSS Feed From FeedBurner to Google

by Steve on January 21, 2009

If you blog and you’ve burned your RSS feed to FeedBurner, you’ll be interested in this.

Since Google’s acquisition of FeedBurner, Inc. on June 1, 2007, we have been moving the FeedBurner application to Google hardware, software, and data centers. This allows the application to scale and perform like most Google applications and integrate easily with other Google platforms. It also means more reliability in delivering your content, analytics, and monetization, as well as a more secure and consistent experience for your users.

Google is requiring that you move your existing FeedBurner feeds to your Google Account by February 28. If you don’t, your feeds will return either 404 – Not Found or 301 – Moved response.

Google Account required

If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one at the time of your move.

I just finished moving all of mine — really, it’s painless. It takes a little time (mine took about 25 minutes for 8 blogs, some new, a couple with 3+ years of posts) but you don’t have to monitor it if you don’t want to. The transfer status page will periodically update, but you can actually close the page if you want to once the process is started.

Roll your own

You also have the option of snatching back your feed and serving it yourself. If you mistrust Google like some people do, that may be an option for you.

No more FeedBurner Networks

Alas, a handy feature of FeedBurner is not making the move — FeedBurner Networks. Networks was a mechanism that basically let you make a mashup of different RSS feeds and funnel them into one feed that you could then put on your web site. A couple of my clients were making use of Networks; I guess it’s time to write a custom plugin for them.

API Changes

For those of you who may have plugins or widgets (or custom programming) that makes use of the FeedBurner Awareness API, be aware that the endpoint address has changed.

More Information

For more information on the FeedBurner move, you can vist the remnants of FeedBurners Burning Questions blog, or see the Transferring FeedBurner Accounts to Google Accounts FAQ.

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